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The Edge Co.

Nectar Knotted Trivet

$8.00 Regular price

With the Danica Heirloom Nectar Trivet, you can protect the surface of your table while adding a quaint, vintage aesthetic at the same time! This wonderfully crafted trivet is composed of 100% cotton that is knotted by hand for a one-of-a-kind design. The thickness of the cotton helps absorb heat from pots and pans coming from the range or the oven with foods ready to be served! And if your trivet gets messy from spills or food stains, then don't fret, as these trivets are constructed to handle gentle cycles in your washer and dryer for simple cleaning! Provide a lighter and brighter atmosphere at the table as you serve warm food with the Danica Heirloom Nectar Trivet today!