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The Edge Co.

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The Edge Co.

10oz Jelly Spread

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Michigan Cherry Spread with Jalapeño We’ve taken our time-tested Michigan Cherry Premium Spread and given it a kick with the addition of jalapeños! Generations of loyal customers acknowledge that our cherry spreads are the best in the category, and we agree. For those who like an extra bite with their toast, muffins, biscuits or bagels, this spread will deliver.


Michigan Blueberry Spread Made from fresh, plump blueberries that hail from the heart of Michigan. Stirred to perfection in a large kettle, our goal is to make the best preserves you’ve ever tasted. Spread it on a piece of toast, or pile it up on a stack of pancakes. Our preserves also go well in vinaigrettes or used as a sandwich spread. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these jaw-droppingly delicious preserves.


Michigan Cherry Spread A time-tested cherry tradition that can turn just about any food into a taste festival for your mouth. Generations of loyal customers continue to acknowledge that our Michigan cherry spread is the best in its category, and we agree. Try it on toast, muffins, biscuits and bagels – or as a scrumptious glaze on poultry. Get a taste of why people have been hooked for generations.